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A note about the new logo,

Meaningless and unrecognizable it proof the wise saying "what is newer is not always better" (particularly in our chaos-based fallen angelic rulled reality)

After messing up with the website menu its the turn of the logo.
The symbolic identity is literally cut in pieces and probably generates negative emotions to feed the puppet masters behind the scenes. (yes entities behind the scene feeds of negative emotions, they can be easily spotted with astral vision by more and more people on DNA awakening)..

There is a quote from Little Irony on youtube official video comment section:
"Why didn't they leave this to a vote? Why didn't they hold a competition instead? Why didn't they let the community have a say in what's being done? You guys have an ENTIRE community of completely capable artists and you didn't bother to see what they'd like?

What I also hate is that they have to constantly explain with videos and articles to show the meaning and relevance of their logo. The logo isn't even deep enough to make me wonder what it means, it just confuses me and bores me."

The detrimental changes is particularly damaging for those well established artists having a business based on selling prints with regular followers and commissioned art.
I wonder who is still in that position after the browsing experience got damaged by its lasts updates.

My understanding of the agenda is like this:
The 'site owners' simply wants to kill the website in the long run and they process step by step into that direction.
WHY such a thing occur have several reasons one of them is to perpetuate discord and repression into areas of freedom expression and potential free-speech (and self education) regarding what is happening.

Another objective is to technically simplify the mass web spying, control and future 'martial law' immediate
 shut down.

The peoples who don't get it have to really wake up and grow their perspective of what the addictive-Internet is used for.
I Ain't Yer Fella by SmokesBrandy

For now there is almost no chance to see positive changes regarding updates politics because to have such a thing it require to REMOVE FROM POWER THE CORRUPTED SOULS ENSLAVING THIS WORLD and to regain absolute self leadership as an krystic being..

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